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children must have rock n roll's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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[16 Nov 2007|06:50pm]
okay. seriously wtf is going on on dexter?????? laura--you're traveling. ej--we keep missing each other online. i guess it's cos you're 16 hours ahead of me haha. sp--we just never seem to talk about dexter......you are the 3 i talk about dexter with but i just finished watching the 5th, 6th, and 7th episodes and i need to talk about this!!!!!!! who else watches this show??

wtf is going on? i HATE dexter now. he's an ass. i hate that pyscho, skinny, british, bruised lip lila. she needs to go. and i'm glad doakes is gone but dexter totally fucked him over. and wtf...we need some more murders. i don't like dexter when he doesn't murder. and wtf is wrong with deb? who would dump a latin hottie for a 55 year old fbi agent who listens to chopan?? WTFFFFFFFFFFF

also...i like jamie t. i decided to listen to him after wednesday to see what all the fuss is about. i've always liked 'sheila' and 'salvador' but i listened to the whole album and was impressed. he's got a really soothing voice and i like the way he raps and has all these background sounds. i think that tribally-chant of 'ooh! ahh!' in 'salvador' is one of the coolest sample things i've ever heard in a song.

oh and i was just reading ONTD and i think it's hilarious that amy winehouse's husband is in pentonville. that's the prison that was like a 10 min walk from me. it was the reason i always took the bus home from the scala even though i could walk home. i didn't want to get jumped/murdered by an escaped convict.

it reminds me of the time andrea and i RAN to catch a bus home from camden (aka the goth ghetto) and this older man who was hot despite the fact that he was missing his four front upper teeth said we looked like we just escaped from the insane asylum that was right next to the bus stop. then he harassed us because we were american and he's not allowed to go to america because he went to cuba a million years ago. we were like, "dude, we feel you. we've left our country for a reason, feel us?" MAN, i miss london.
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lawlz [14 Nov 2007|06:34pm]
jamie t just walked in. (i'm at my music publicity internship). yawn. where's luke kook?
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two shows: one great, one dumb [10 Nov 2007|03:20am]
for ej:
ryan "stars go blue" - this is just to show the awesome lights background he had. it was beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-u-tiful:

"wildflowers". enough said:

Goodnight Hollywood blvd. his voice sounds UNREAL:

so the ryan adams show on halloween was the greatest show of the year for me and the best ryan show i've been to (of around 7 or 8). first of all, at least 1/3 of the audience was in halloween costumes. i spotted 2 waldos, one baby stewey (from family guy), one jack skellington (from nightmare before christmas) and some other good ones, but the best was this fat guy who dressed up like a greek goddess.

also ryan's voice was stunning. he sounded BEAUTIFUL (if you watch the video for "Goodnight hollywood blvd" you'll know what i'm talking about). which brings me to my next point: during his THREE HOUR (with a proper 20 minute intermission included) set, he played some amazing songs, like goodnight hollywood blvd, the first song of his that i ever heard and the song that got me into him, so that was special. he also played my FAVORITE song of his, "wildflowers," (also featured in the video above) which i honestly didn't even think he knew existed. UGH it was tremendous.

AND he didn't have any tantrums AND the audience was well behaved AND the lights were on him (Usually he hides himself in the darkness) because they were filming the show for a dvd, meaning this amazing show will be available to me in the future to watch over and over and over and over......

for sp:
Razorlight “somewhere else”

okay the razorlight show was retarded.
first of all, they didn't play "vice." hi, razorlight, you have to play that song or your entire set is pointless, k thnx bai. they played mostly new songs or songs from the second album, aka the album i never listened to. the only songs from the first one were "golden touch, "dalston," and that one about "...in the city that night...people so strange! people so strange." DUMB

second, johnny seriously looks like a caricature, like jack skellington, except jack skellington weighs more. he came out with this big ass coat on and his skinny jeans spray painted onto his legs and his big shoes that looked like the wicked witch of the west's.
and man does he look ROUGH wooof wooof. he looks like a wet dog-rat mix. it's not pretty. boy needs to eat a hamburger and take a shower.
and he was acting like SUCH a douche. he was acting out all the lyrics and prancing about like he was on speed. he was ridiculously animated, and not in a good, pelle-from-the-hives way.

the audience was nuts though. i mean granted 95% of it was british but still. there was this super douche upstairs in the vip section (not sure how or why he was there)...we're talking muscles, white wife beater, and backwards hat on. but he was LOVIN it. hey, remember that time we saw razorlight play to 50 people in the shithole-in-the-wall-bar-cum-venue sin-e, when it still actually existed? remember how no one gave a shit and johnny stood up on the bar and smashed all the white flowers.......oh boy. i don't really care that they're "bigger" now cos i really don't care for them at all....i'm just amazed people actually give a shit and like all the crap he does!

ugh i really can't believe they didn't play vice. SHEESH.


in actual life news, i'm officially graduating on time and only have to take 4 classes next semester and i've already made my schedule and it's bangin. i'm super excited for my trip to da border (o mexico) in a week and retarded amounts of stoked to visit my sissy/destroy the uk/belgium.

oh, i recently became obsessed with lost. within 24 hours i will have finished watching all 3 seasons in 1.5 weeks. THIS SHOW IS ADDICTIVE. february 2008: be here now.
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who wants to write about music???? [18 Oct 2007|01:31am]
some of you may have seen this on facebook or seen something similar when sarah made the same offer...but i need writers so you'll just have to deal with reading it one more time. THANKS :o)

I edit an indie-music based website, New York 2 London, www.ny2lon.com. NY2LON is seeking a few new writers. We are looking for individuals currently immersed in the world of music. Writers can be from any location throughout the world. A large amount of creative control will be given, including the opportunities to interview bands and/or review live shows.
If there's a band you really like or are in, feel free to review them! Check out the site and see how we set up our posts. If you're thinking about covering a band, make sure you check the current main page as well as the Best Of page, which has many of the older articles, to make sure the band wasn't already featured. We're only looking for indie music writers right now; sorry if that's not what you're into!

Send me a message if you're interested! Thanks!
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a beautiful day in central park [14 Oct 2007|07:10pm]

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[12 Oct 2007|11:54pm]
IT'S AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is my favorite time of year. it was officially autumn weeks ago, but the weather has been ridiculous---i'm talking 80-90 degrees. anyway, now it's that perfectly cool, crisp weather and i can wear my coat and scarf!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

also: I AM GRADUATING ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after weeks of emails, meetings, and harassing people, i have settled my study abroad stuff and have enough classes and credits to graduate on time. thank gawddddddddddddddd.

also: school is going well. i have way too much work but am thoroughly enjoying myself with my roomies and around town. and my internship is going well and i love the peepz there.

also: i have a bunch of good gigs coming up!! HOORAY!!

also: i have booked some awesometastical trips:
thanksgiving - going down to the border (of mexico) to visit my aunt and bask in the 85 degree weather in november in my aunt's condo on the beach, sipping a margerita, eating delicious mexican food. YES.
christmas/new years - a LONG ass time (dec 21 - jan 8) in glasgow, londizzle, and belgium!!!! YES.
spring break - SXSW. booked my flight and it was free cos i've racked up a ton of miles. YES.
june - ISRAEL. this hasn't been booked but we're working on it and i am TRES excited. YES.


i'm happy.
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OH.MY.GOD. [09 Oct 2007|01:04am]

it's out in australia and the uk now. this film better come out in duhmerica. i would shell out $12 to see this.
by the way, the website is HILARIOUS: www.blacksheep-themovie.com.
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coney island [08 Oct 2007|10:04pm]
yesterday (sunday, oct 7) i went to coney island to take pics. luckily everything is still there. it was such a nice day out so there were tons of people on the beach and lots of little kiddies riding the rides. there were also a lot of photographers--professional and amateur--getting those last minute photos before it all disappears!

i brought three cameras with me--my digital, my polaroid, and my new lomo supersampler 4 lens camera. i love that thing. it takes photos like this:

more photosCollapse )
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[06 Oct 2007|08:59pm]
this is for sarah and ellen. i miss you guys and am so jealous of all the cool stuff you're doing. here is my not-very-exciting photo post :o)

sept and a wee bit of octCollapse )
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[05 Oct 2007|10:15pm]
has anyone been to coney island recently? what's still there? i want to go to take photos, but i don't want to waste my time if everything (or mostly everything) has already been removed. thanks!
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[05 Sep 2007|04:17pm]
so i've only had one class so far and i'm serious when i say that there is more work involved in that one class than in all of the classes i took in london together. and i already had to buy one book--a Bible heheheheh--for $30, which is more than i spent on school supplies for the entire year in londres. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS!!!

i wish i was back in the land of wonky teeth and awesome-bordering-on-hilarious fashions. some examples from the mercury prize awards show thingy:

who knew the young knives cleaned up so well?

um i LOVE that jamie has his ipod on and the other dude is just priceless

omg fuckin klaxons, stupidest band ever, i can't believe they won:

i like the view and am not embarassed to admit this

the end. claudia: i expect some awesome commentary.
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[04 Sep 2007|11:20pm]
omg the theatre at msg has been renamed WaMu Theater @ MSG
fillmore ny? NO, it's irving plaza. music hall of williamsburg? uh, no, north six. wtf is terminal 5 and the box and this other crap? and why does sin-e not exist anymore? UGH
ew i need to get out of this city
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i'm not graduating on time.

i fucking hate fordham.

who knew that the best year of my life would mess up my future?

what bothers me most is that when i consider all of my options, not one of them doesn't depress me majorly in some way. GUH

i hate that my life is not in my control but in the control of some morons who won't help me, couldn't give a shit about my situation, and can't even do their job, which i am paying them to do.

i guess i'm writing this so i can [hopefully] look back on this and laugh. hmm, yeah right. i'm actually relatively calm about this because i know there's nothing i can do about it, (time machine anyone?), but damn, this sucks.

blahhhhhhh fordumb i hate youuuuuuuuuuuuu
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sarah's awesome bday cake #3 [14 Aug 2007|11:24pm]
some of you may recall one or two of sarah's infamous birthday cakes:

well this year's cake isn't as creative, but it pretty much rules:

for those who have trouble understanding the ramblings of a 14 year old girl on the internet, that cake says "totes, lawlz, k thx bai, srsly, o rly?" AND "roflcopter," all on a FUDGIE THE WHALE CARVEL CAKE!!!!!!

so most of you would probably say to yourselves, "wow, that cake would make my birthday totally awesome!" but this year we TOOK IT UP A NOTCH...

WE FUCKIN KILLED IT AT OLD PEOPLE BINGO!!!! sure, last year we had an AWESOME tye dye party with pizza and the snakes on a plane cake, but this year we went to bingo and sarah won the $200 full board jackpot YEAH BOI!! and my sister is so nice that she gave my dad $20 (he paid for all the bingo shit which was $33...he almost came out even lol) and split the rest with me and our third sister, jessie, meaning we each came out with $60 in our pockets.

oh, also, we had an amazing hibachi dinner and our hibachi chef was the greatest guy ever. he was hilarious, sarcastic, and totally hitting on sarah in front of our parents. and he gave sarah a comped ice cream thingy for her bday cos he's totes in love with her.

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omg again [10 Aug 2007|01:40pm]
the cribs' show last night as bowery was basically legendary. i've seen them 9 times and at every show (aside from the london one) the crowd pretty much just stood there. NOT LAST NIGHT. and what was even more amazing was the fact that all the crazy dancers at this show weren't ex pats/UKers on holiday but were actual new york fans. i don't know if they're new fans or just were never at the gigs before and i honestly don't care cos it was just nice to have some other people dance around with us.
the moshing/slam dancing/circle jerking/SKANKING (lol)/body checking/body throwing was a little much, but after they got that nutzo guy out and after sarah and i moved in front of the moron couple who literally just STOOD there (dudes, i understand if you don't want to move around but don't stand right in the middle of the dancers and not even MOVE YOUR HEAD and act all annoyed...srsly) i had one of my top 10 concert moments evs.
i've never even seen a gig in nyc like this before. everyone is orgasming over daft punk's set, and i've noticed that people keep saying they've never seen so many smiling new yorkers, and i have to say it was the same at bowery. we were all just jumping around and dancing and actually LOOKING ONE ANOTHER IN THE EYES and SMILING AT ONE ANOTHER and it was very joyous. it makes me smile just thinking about it. and expecting to see no one there and bumping into at least 10 friends was a very welcomed surprise.
the fact that i get to see them again on sunday with my new cribs posse makes me ecstatic. i will not let the cold i have (nor the drugs i take to abate it) ruin it!! FUCK YOU, COLD.

now, here is some wombats music for you. jess, lisa, sarah, and melissa: i am going to burn you all the wombats cd i have and give it to you on sat/sun, but if you want to hear some songs now:
http://www.myspace.com/craigsmusic8 -- listen to "lost in the post" http://www.myspace.com/thewombatsuk - listen to "backfire at the disco"
http://www.myspace.com/thewombatsappreciationpage - listen to "moving to new york" and "let's dance to joy division"

if you don't like them that's okay but i hope you do cos i really want a cribs-style dance partay at the annex!!!!!!!!!!!!
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omg [08 Aug 2007|09:41pm]
the thing i love about music is that i never know when a new band or new album is going to reach my ears and simply amaze me and make me tremendously happy.

yesterday, i finally listened to the wombats. i've known about them for a year now but never really listened to them and have missed NUMEROUS opportunities to see them play live and i am now kicking myself. their album is an awesometastical indie-dance party. they remind me of basically every band i love, all rolled into one. anyone who likes pretty much any britpoppy stuff will love them. PLEASE PLEASE will all you people actually listen to me FOR ONCE and ask me for some songs so i can say i turned you onto your new favorite band. btw, new yorkers: they're playing the annex next week and it's going to be AWESOME.

today i got the coral's new album and it is unbelievably gorgeous. it's pretty mellow for the most part, and not weird like nightfreak was. overall, it sounds like the coral, but better. i'm annoyed that they NEVER come over to the states and now, when they finally are coming, it's to OPEN for the arctic monkeys. i find this entirely abhorrent. arctic monkeys should consider themselves LUCKY to open for such a great band. the fact that it's the OTHER WAY AROUND actually disgusts me.

oh, also, i have absolutely no desire to go back to fordham or live in new york. i really, REALLY want to live in london permanently and i am worried that i will not end up there and will be miserable. i hate that the only thing i am looking forward to is my week long trip to the uk in november. this is not a good sign.

oh, also, does anyone want to write my thesis for me? i will pay you $1/word. that's like a lot of money.
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[01 Aug 2007|06:55pm]
I thought this article in the NY Times Mag about our immortality/"life" after death is really interesting, particularly these parts:

Where does this leave those who, while secular in outlook, still pine after immortality? A little more than a century ago, the American philosopher William James proposed an interesting way of keeping open the door to an afterlife. We know that the mind depends on the physical brain, James said. But that doesn’t mean that our brain processes actually produce our mental life, as opposed to merely transmitting it. Perhaps, he conjectured, our brains allow our minds to filter through to this world from some transcendent “mother sea” of consciousness. Had James given his lecture a few decades later, he might have used the radio as a metaphor. When a radio is damaged, the music becomes distorted. When it is smashed, the music stops altogether. All the while, however, the signal is still out there, uncorrupted.

The most interesting possibilities for an afterlife proposed in recent years are based on hard science with a dash of speculation. In his 1994 book, “The Physics of Immortality,” Frank J. Tipler, a specialist in relativity theory at Tulane University, showed how future beings might, in their drive for total knowledge, “resurrect” us in the form of computer simulations. (If this seems implausible to you, think how close we are right now to “resurrecting” extinct species through knowledge of their genomes.) John Leslie, a Canadian who ranks as one of the world’s leading philosophers of cosmology, draws on quantum physics in his painstakingly argued new book, “Immortality Defended.” Each of us, Leslie submits, is immortal because our life patterns are but an aspect of an “existentially unified” cosmos that will persist after our death. Both Tipler and Leslie are, in different ways, heirs to the view of William James. The mind or “soul,” as they see it, consists of information, not matter. And one of the deepest principles of quantum theory, called “unitarity,” forbids the disappearance of information.

We now return to your regular scheduled music ranting/childish squeeing programming.
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OMG [27 Jul 2007|06:51pm]
CUTER THAN LIL BUSH Y/N??????????????????????????


in other news, my tummy hurts from eating too many sour patch kids. i really am 4 years old.
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i think the answer to my question is yes [24 Jul 2007|02:07am]
is it sad that while i was watching the democratic debate, whenever hillary or barack (i'm on a first name basis with them) would answer, all i could picture was lil hillary and her lunch time buddy lil barack from lil bush??????


btw hillary's salmon colored jacket was so stylin.

in other news, spoon's newest album is #10 in the united states' billboard top 200 albums this week. they share the top 10 with kelly clarkson, linkin park, t.i. (who is that??), and fergie. could one ask for better company to keep??? i think NOT! i can't believe my bambinos are so....big!

that reminds me. has anyone else noticed ambulance ltd's song in that new sprint commercial with the shoes???? it's ubiquitous. i happen to like hearing indie bands in commercials. except when it's spoon's worst song ever (i'm looking at you, stupid jaguar commercial)
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omg nostalgia! [14 Jul 2007|03:49pm]
from ONTD

"Because indie bands love their nostalgia, Brooklyn band the XYZ Affair have recruited some folks from Nickelodeon's golden age for their video for "All My Friends."

Check out Nick's biggest redheads, Big Pete from Pete and Pete, Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All and Budnik from Salute Your Shorts as they help the band take down neighbor Marc Summers who apparently has taken a vacation from showing the world how Funyuns are made on Unwrapped to hang out at home and read the paper and hate fun."

dudes, we saw older pete at the strokes at bowery a few years ago. he's totes an indie dude. i want to marry him.
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