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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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[09 Dec 2007|06:29pm]
i know sp wants to see some holiday pics, so here they are:

christmas threw up in my apartmentCollapse )

i can't wait to see sp and a bunch of other friends and just be in glasgow and london AND travel throughout belgium but DAMN these finals and the work involved are KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEE. i can't wait to be done with school for GOOD.

oh, and i'm also very excited to start a new internship next semester (at fanatic promotion) because i think it will be VERY good for me, but i don't want to jinx it so i won't say any more :o)

oh, and because i have to make a list for the website i run (cough cough www.ny2lon.com cough cough), i thought i'd put it here too:
best albums (in no order) of 2007:
1. tiny dancers - free school milk
2. spoon - ga agagagagaggagag
3. jamie t - panic prevention
4. the cribs - mens needs, womens needs, whateverrrrrrrr
5. the rakes - 10 new messages
6. the wombats - girls,boys and marsupials (not officially the album they released this year but the album i got into and loved for a good bit of time)
7. sunshine underground - raise the alarm (this came out the year before but i discovered it this year)
8. the fratellis - costello music (hahah i'm cheating here because i fell in love with it in 2006 but it officially came out in the US in 2007)
9. the coral - roots & echoes
10. shared between:
the enemy - we'll live and die in these towns
the maccabees - colour it in
pigeon detectives - wait for me
the holloways - so this is great britain (obviously i like to cheat...a lot)

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