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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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two shows: one great, one dumb [10 Nov 2007|03:20am]
for ej:
ryan "stars go blue" - this is just to show the awesome lights background he had. it was beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-u-tiful:

"wildflowers". enough said:

Goodnight Hollywood blvd. his voice sounds UNREAL:

so the ryan adams show on halloween was the greatest show of the year for me and the best ryan show i've been to (of around 7 or 8). first of all, at least 1/3 of the audience was in halloween costumes. i spotted 2 waldos, one baby stewey (from family guy), one jack skellington (from nightmare before christmas) and some other good ones, but the best was this fat guy who dressed up like a greek goddess.

also ryan's voice was stunning. he sounded BEAUTIFUL (if you watch the video for "Goodnight hollywood blvd" you'll know what i'm talking about). which brings me to my next point: during his THREE HOUR (with a proper 20 minute intermission included) set, he played some amazing songs, like goodnight hollywood blvd, the first song of his that i ever heard and the song that got me into him, so that was special. he also played my FAVORITE song of his, "wildflowers," (also featured in the video above) which i honestly didn't even think he knew existed. UGH it was tremendous.

AND he didn't have any tantrums AND the audience was well behaved AND the lights were on him (Usually he hides himself in the darkness) because they were filming the show for a dvd, meaning this amazing show will be available to me in the future to watch over and over and over and over......

for sp:
Razorlight “somewhere else”

okay the razorlight show was retarded.
first of all, they didn't play "vice." hi, razorlight, you have to play that song or your entire set is pointless, k thnx bai. they played mostly new songs or songs from the second album, aka the album i never listened to. the only songs from the first one were "golden touch, "dalston," and that one about "...in the city that night...people so strange! people so strange." DUMB

second, johnny seriously looks like a caricature, like jack skellington, except jack skellington weighs more. he came out with this big ass coat on and his skinny jeans spray painted onto his legs and his big shoes that looked like the wicked witch of the west's.
and man does he look ROUGH wooof wooof. he looks like a wet dog-rat mix. it's not pretty. boy needs to eat a hamburger and take a shower.
and he was acting like SUCH a douche. he was acting out all the lyrics and prancing about like he was on speed. he was ridiculously animated, and not in a good, pelle-from-the-hives way.

the audience was nuts though. i mean granted 95% of it was british but still. there was this super douche upstairs in the vip section (not sure how or why he was there)...we're talking muscles, white wife beater, and backwards hat on. but he was LOVIN it. hey, remember that time we saw razorlight play to 50 people in the shithole-in-the-wall-bar-cum-venue sin-e, when it still actually existed? remember how no one gave a shit and johnny stood up on the bar and smashed all the white flowers.......oh boy. i don't really care that they're "bigger" now cos i really don't care for them at all....i'm just amazed people actually give a shit and like all the crap he does!

ugh i really can't believe they didn't play vice. SHEESH.


in actual life news, i'm officially graduating on time and only have to take 4 classes next semester and i've already made my schedule and it's bangin. i'm super excited for my trip to da border (o mexico) in a week and retarded amounts of stoked to visit my sissy/destroy the uk/belgium.

oh, i recently became obsessed with lost. within 24 hours i will have finished watching all 3 seasons in 1.5 weeks. THIS SHOW IS ADDICTIVE. february 2008: be here now.
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