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children must have rock n roll

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sarah's awesome bday cake #3 [14 Aug 2007|11:24pm]
some of you may recall one or two of sarah's infamous birthday cakes:

well this year's cake isn't as creative, but it pretty much rules:

for those who have trouble understanding the ramblings of a 14 year old girl on the internet, that cake says "totes, lawlz, k thx bai, srsly, o rly?" AND "roflcopter," all on a FUDGIE THE WHALE CARVEL CAKE!!!!!!

so most of you would probably say to yourselves, "wow, that cake would make my birthday totally awesome!" but this year we TOOK IT UP A NOTCH...

WE FUCKIN KILLED IT AT OLD PEOPLE BINGO!!!! sure, last year we had an AWESOME tye dye party with pizza and the snakes on a plane cake, but this year we went to bingo and sarah won the $200 full board jackpot YEAH BOI!! and my sister is so nice that she gave my dad $20 (he paid for all the bingo shit which was $33...he almost came out even lol) and split the rest with me and our third sister, jessie, meaning we each came out with $60 in our pockets.

oh, also, we had an amazing hibachi dinner and our hibachi chef was the greatest guy ever. he was hilarious, sarcastic, and totally hitting on sarah in front of our parents. and he gave sarah a comped ice cream thingy for her bday cos he's totes in love with her.

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