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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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have you noticed/i've never been impressed/by your friends/from new york and london? [25 May 2007|06:12pm]
ugh the cribs' new album is AMAZING. i'm obsessed with it and it's all i listen to and i'm so glad i'm FINALLY seeing them in londizzle this week! they're one of the few bands who i've been dying to see IN london and it's finally happening.

i'm a realist
i'm a romantic
i'm an indecisive
(i'm an indecisive!)
piece of shittttt

I LOVE THEM. i'm so into the new album (although this will most likely pass after i see them next week. very typical) that i still haven't listened to spoon's new one. i've heard both very good and very bad things and i'm nervous that i may not love it. i wish spoon weren't so important to me but they areeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i leave london in a week and i really really reallly realllllly reallllllly don't want to. as maximo park say

london's so far away when you're there
and so it saddens me to say
i'm only happy when i move away
i am young and i am lost

sometimes song lyrics are really awesome.

my roommate was here for the past 10 days and we went to paris and all over london. here are a few pics (not good ones like in my usual photo posts but just ones of me fooling around)

mostly pictures of me jumping in front of thingsCollapse )

blah this post is all over the place. i don't know. meh i'm confused. )*&@#*)@#
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