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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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i know it's a bit early... [18 Apr 2007|12:01am]
i'm not leaving this magical little island for another five weeks but some of my fellow americans are leaving VERY soon and my time here IS winding down so without further ado:

things i will miss about london:
1. mccoys cheddar and onion "crisps" - "chav chips" as andrea calls them, or MAN CRISPS as they're apparently known. yikes. i am a manly chav. great. there must be crazy amounts of MSG in these things cos i am ADDICTED and i need help.
2. the gigs/nights out/music
3. the clothing stores
4. the boys
5. the amazing closeness to mainland europe
6. the weather - i only wore my winter coat for a total of one week; i can only recall it raining ONCE when i went out (hello fratellis in brixton! aw memories) (seriously, it NEVER rained while i was here); and it's been 70 and sunny this past week while all of the US was being flooded/tornadoed to death.

things i will not miss about london:
1. the pound
2. the food
3. the lack of 24 hour tubes/restaurants/everything
4. the boys (claudia--i tell all my american girlfriends who have studied in london or stayed here for an extended period of time what you said in your class about british boys and they all CACKLE and agree)
5. the lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE/communication/administration
6. the fact that gigs go on sale SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE (i'm looking at you, the rifles!!!) and you can't possibly plan your life six months in advance. you (or someone in the band) could DIE before then but if you don't buy your ticket the second it goes on sale (aka six months in advance) it will sell out and you will cry six months from now, provided you are still alive.
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