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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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OMG TRAVIS [21 Mar 2007|01:38am]
okay i've rarely written about the gigs i've been to here in london but tonight's gig was semi-monumental so it needs to be discussed.

tonight, at the relatively small koko venue, i got to see travis' "comeback" gig---first one in almost two years. OMG I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BAND. they played the hits (which we sang our hearts out to) and the new songs, which are awesome. fran wrote a lame song for his "wee son" called "my eyes" (he said his kid has his eyes---i got dibs on that kid when he's legal mmm) and even it was awesome, minus the sentimental nonsense. SO SO SOO GOOD. travis, i love you.
too bad the audience was lame. tall people everywhere obstructing my view, a horrific PDA TALL couple directly in front of me (i can handle pda but this couple was like, humping, making out on each others' necks and SHARING A LOLLIPOP VOMIT) and some hooligan lads (why are they at a travis show? i don't know) STARTING FIGHTS. oh god england why you so dumb???

anyway, 4 pics (jeff please shut up):

side note: i didn't capture it in my two photos but dougie was smiling like NON-STOP. i do not remember him doing this before?? am i crazy? anyway, it was adorable...
p.s. fran - where's your hair?

two of andy, who climbed the speakers and almost died, just to bring us THE ROCK:

here's a HORRIFIC video i shot of "why does it always rain on me?" please ignore the singing HAHAHAHHA:

p.s. at the end there, when you can see andy and the girl with glasses on the right, he's totes smiling at ME filming him. that's right. i'm sure he saw me and was like "I REMEMBER HER" yeah mmhmm.

if youtube will EVER not be a bitch, i'll upload some videos from sxsw of sunshine underground, the fratellis, and hot club de paris for your viewing entertainment.
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