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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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sxsw 2007 [19 Mar 2007|04:37pm]
1. saw the fratellis five times (3 electric; 2 acoustic). AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is the only way to describe it. so what if sarah and i were the only ones going crazy??? going nuts and singing "chelsea" with someone you love is one of the most fun things i can imagine doing. srsly. plus the drummer totes loves us now AYYYYEEE i love scottish people. (btw this breaks my sxsw record of # of times i've seen a band; i guess spoon previously held the record with 3....)
2. the sunshine underground are A-fucking-MAZING. they make me excited about the future of music. like, WOWIE ZOWIE. saw them three times; once was acoustic and there were about 6 people there (including their drummer haha) but the 6 of us got to witness some AMAZING vocal talents from the lead singer whose voice is just ridiculously amazing. DANCE PARTY AYYYEE!! oh sarah and the bassist daley are working on a side project together involving ONLY daley on bass and sarah doing something....not sure yet. i'll keep you all posted!
3. mumm-ra are also BRILLIANT. i hope the lead singer is as crazy at all his shows as he was here because that boy is NUTZ....he climbed on everything, did some "tricks," came into the crowd and danced with the audience, and literally almost brought the roof down. oh, and their music is GREAT TOO---on record it might seem a little mellow but they are GREAT live.
4. the sights. god damn man what a band. i don't know what else to say...
5. we were reunited with jim shearer and he's going to get me a job--President of the Music Industry--when i graduate! holla!!!!

pretty much all the UK bands i saw (and all the bands in general) were awesometastic but the aforementioned four stood out.

and i have so much more respect for all these touring bands. just coming from the UK with my one small piece of luggage and only myself to look after was HORRIFICALLY challenging; i cannot imagine how much effort it takes to bring a band plus managers, etc, and all that luggage...and then when you arrive, you have to do interviews and play and be nice to people, etc, etc.....i still hate klaxons for bitching about it when i saw them on some tv show, but man is it tiring....i can't imagine what it's like going to asia or australia....yikes.

i'll link to my big takeover full write up (including pics) when i finish it and it's live.
358 days til sxsw 2008!!!

and if anyone is interested: click hereCollapse ) for a list of all the bands i saw.

okay it is 5 in the afternoon and i have a horrific cough and i can't hear out of one ear (i think i need to have it checked out) and i'm going to bed.
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