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children must have rock n roll's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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sxsw [11 Mar 2007|12:39pm]
i leave for sxsw early on tuesday. as of right now, i am in the beginning stages of what i can tell will be an awful cold. it will probably reach its full potential when i wake up on tuesday, just in time for the two flights i have that will total around 12 hours of flying time. then i get to spend 4 days not sleeping or eating properly. and then i get to fly back for 20938423 hours. i will probably pass out/die at some point in this process, so i just wanted to say it was nice knowing all of you.
srsly though--i really can't believe my luck. i know i'm cursed and always have bad luck, but this just takes the cake. MY IMMUNE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE REPLACED BECAUSE IT NEVER DOES ITS JOB. for those of you keeping score, i was sick just over a month ago on my 21st bday. 1 month later and my pathetic body is already sick again?? LAME.
also-- i won't be able to taste food. i've been DYING for some american/tex mex and now that i can finally have it, i won't even want it.
i really hate complaining and i never do it, but this is just silly. i really couldn't be sick at a worse time. knowing me, if i ever decide to get married (HA) i'll get the flu just in time for the big day.

anyway....i still have no idea which bands i am going to see. here is my tentative list. jeff, if you make a comment to me that it's too long and belongs behind a cut i will have to beat you the next time i see you.
i think the most challenging day for making decisions will be thursday. just look at the 1 am time slot. wtf kind of decision am i supposed to make?? LIFE IS SO HARD ;o)

Wednesday, 14 March 2007
[X] 08:00PM The Sunshine Underground (Stubb's)
[X] 08:45PM The Hourly Radio (Elysium)
[X] 09:00PM The Automatic (Stubb's)
[X] 09:30PM Langhorne Slim (Beauty Bar Patio)
[X] 10:00PM The Panda Band (Red 7)
[X] 10:00PM Paris Motel (Habana Calle 6)
[X] 10:00PM Scissors for Lefty (Soho Lounge)
[X] 10:00PM Beirut (Emo's Main Room)
(After midnight, Thursday morning)
[X] 12:00AM Findlay Brown (Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn)
[X] 12:00AM Razorlight (Stubb's)
[X] 12:00AM IV Thieves (Buffalo Billiards)
[X] 12:30AM Peter, Bjorn and John (La Zona Rosa)
[X] 12:45AM The Procession (The Parish)
[X] 01:00AM Popup (Whisky Bar)
[X] 01:00AM The Wombats (Friends)
[X] 01:00AM Special Guests from Austin TX (Antone's)

Thursday, 15 March 2007
[X] 08:00PM The Shys (Exodus)
[X] 08:00PM Say Hi To Your Mom (Buffalo Billiards)
[X] 08:00PM The Cassettes (Blender Balcony at the Ritz)
[X] 08:00PM The Cinematics (Flamingo Cantina)
[X] 08:00PM The Films (Dirty Dog Bar)
[X] 09:00PM Apollo Sunshine (Dirty Dog Bar)
[X] 09:00PM The Sights (Blender Bar at the Ritz)
[X] 09:20PM Foals (The Rio)
[X] 09:30PM Small Sins (Antone's)
[X] 10:30PM Hot Club De Paris (The Rio)
[X] 10:30PM Bishop Allen (Mohawk Patio)
[X] 10:30PM Sondre Lerche (Antone's)
[X] 10:30PM Starsailor (James Walsh Solo) (The Parish)
[X] 11:00PM Fujiya & Miyagi (Karma Lounge)
[X] 11:00PM Buck 65 (Spiro's Amphitheater)
[X] 11:30PM The Little Ones (Antone's)
[X] 11:30PM Matt & Kim (Beauty Bar Patio)
(After midnight, Friday morning)
[X] 12:00AM The Oohlas (Red Eyed Fly)
[X] 12:15AM Shitdisco (Beauty Bar Patio)
[X] 01:00AM David & The Citizens (Uncle Flirty's Loft)
[X] 01:00AM The Presets (Beauty Bar Patio)
[X] 01:00AM Asobi Seksu (The Parish II)
[X] 01:00AM The Young Knives (Friends)
[X] 01:00AM The Holloways (Karma Lounge)
[X] 01:00AM Voxtrot (Emo's Main Room)
[X] 01:00AM The Fratellis (Dirty Dog Bar)
NASA at Red's Scoot Inn (1308 East Fourth) - MOON BOUNCE!!!! and photobooth, drinks, etc from 8 pm to 2 am

Friday, 16 March 2007
[X] 08:00PM Cities (Dirty Dog Bar)
[X] 08:30PM Pete and the Pirates (Stubb's)
[X] 09:00PM The Zebras (The Parish II)
[X] 09:00PM Dirty on Purpose (Maggie Mae's)
[X] 09:00PM Margot & the Nuclear So and So's (Antone's)
[X] 10:00PM The Victorian English Gentlemens Club (BD Riley's)
[X] 10:00PM The M's (Red 7)
[X] 10:30PM Pagoda (Mohawk Patio)
[X] 11:00PM You Am I (Dirty Dog Bar)
[X] 11:00PM Goldrush (Maggie Mae's Rooftop)
[X] 11:00PM Gruff Rhys (Bourbon Rocks)
[X] 11:20PM Bedroom Walls (Club One 15)
[X] 11:30PM Badly Drawn Boy (Stubb's)
(After midnight, Saturday morning)
[X] 12:00AM WinterKids (Whisky Bar)
[X] 12:00AM The Pigeon Detectives (Club de Ville)
[X] 12:00AM Apostle of Hustle (Habana Calle 6 Annex)
[X] 12:00AM Gosling (Co-op Bar)
[X] 12:00AM Simian Mobile Disco (Karma Lounge)
[X] 12:30AM The Polyphonic Spree (Austin Music Hall Ballroom)
[X] 12:30AM The Faint (Eternal)
[X] 12:45AM The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Stubb's)
[X] 01:00AM Reykjavik! (Uncle Flirty's Loft)
[X] 01:00AM The Blood Arm (Club de Ville)
[X] 01:00AM The Redwalls (Bourbon Rocks)
[X] 01:00AM Sound Team (Buffalo Billiards)

Saturday, 17 March 2007
[X] 08:00PM The Gaskets (Blender Bar at the Ritz)
[X] 08:00PM Walter Meego (Exodus)
[X] 08:00PM The Summer Wardrobe (Latitude 30)
[X] 09:00PM Field Music (Beauty Bar Patio)
[X] 09:00PM Three 4 Tens (Latitude 30)
[X] 09:10PM The Blakes (Mohawk Patio)
[X] 10:00PM Metro Riots (Lambert's)
[X] 10:00PM The Golden Dogs (Molotov Lounge)
[X] 10:00PM Kings of Leon (Stubb's)
[X] 10:35PM Andrew W.K. (Exodus)
[X] 11:00PM The Pipettes (Beauty Bar Patio)
[X] 11:00PM Outrageous Cherry (Latitude 30)
[X] 11:00PM Spoon (Stubb's)
(After midnight, Sunday morning)
[X] 12:00AM Gasoline Cowboy (Latitude 30)
[X] 12:00AM Blanche (Eternal)
[X] 12:45AM Delorentos (Soho Lounge)
[X] 01:00AM Mumm-Ra (Red 7 Patio)
[X] 01:00AM Youth Group (Latitude 30)
[X] 01:00AM Junior Senior (Exodus)

don't even get me started on the day parties. i'm going to list them all behind a cut, just so those of you who are considering sxsw but for some insane/strange/crazy/DUMB reason still don't go, will realize how fucking awesome this festival is. almost of all these parties offer free booze/drinks/food/swag. why not ALL of my friends go will always remain a mystery to me............

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