December 20th, 2003


some links

sea ray were really great on wednesday...more on that later i suppose. i took some pics, but they were quite grainy (it was practically pitch dark in there and i wasn't using flash) so i made them pretty me.

from _fahq: music nerd quiz. i got: 64.25121% - Mega Music Nerd =)

and i found this one on kimya dawson's livejournal...i don't know what her lj name is exactly though...but anyway, this is very important.

even if you're not from the US, take the poll and say you're from arkansas or alabama or wyoming or iowa or some other states that probably won't get many voters anyway. PLEASE!!!

tonight we see some GREAT COMEDY at the fez by michael ian black (he's on "Ed" and was on "i love the 80s") and some other guys who we've never heard of. YAY FOR LAUGHTER!!!
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