December 12th, 2003


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how hot is this shit? from pollstar:

"Celebration Of The Music Of Joe Strummer"
Mon 12/22/03 Ari-Up
Mon 12/22/03 Clem Snide
Mon 12/22/03 DJ Scratchy
Mon 12/22/03 Dirty Mary
Mon 12/22/03 Eugene Hutz
Mon 12/22/03 Hamell On Trial
Mon 12/22/03 Jesse Malin
Mon 12/22/03 New Blood Revival
Mon 12/22/03 Radio 4
Mon 12/22/03 Ted Leo (Solo)
Mon 12/22/03 The Detachment Kit
Mon 12/22/03 The Realistics

they each only get 3-4 songs, and 2 have to be by the clash...but whatever, it'll be cool. i really want to see jesse malin, radio 4, ted leo, and the realistics...and i've always been interested to give clem snide a chance live...and maybe some of the others will suck but there are so many that some have to be good too.
yay for a fun show. doors are at 8 though. hopefully my eyes will stay open for long enough, cos i have the feeling that the bands i want to see will go on last.

oh well whatever.

hotness like WOAH:

that's ben lee and alex de phantom planet. <3 <3
why didn't they do that at our show(s)??
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