December 3rd, 2003


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hakjfu4wa;outfailvuads;lfudsalk;fkad;slful;4wuf;lwkaflkawajgkdajgasld oh my god oh my god gwynnie is fucking pregnant with [we SUPPOSE] chris martin's baby

maybe finding a british boy to knock her up was in HER life plan, but dragging the lead singer of my band down the drain was not a part of my or chris' life plans. psh.
whatever. like fo said, "gweneth is so gonna pop out a premature crazy ugly baby" and then she'll dump chris cos she doesn't want any more ugly babies.

let's do a 180. i think like a billion years ago (or maybe 1 month?) i said that i wanted to see american analog set and the album leaf....well NOW they are playing at the knitting factory and my babies, SEA RAY, are opening.

awesomeness beyond words. it ALMOST makes me forget about gwyneth holding chris'(??) child in her devilish womb. almost.
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