July 5th, 2003


stars n stripes




what better way than to celebrate with hundreds of cool people relaxing to ryan adams and jesse malin? yeseterday was brilliant!
i don't know WHAT ryan was on, but he was definitely very happy, lively, and vibrant. i'm so glad i taped the show.
i'm stealing this from laura's site. she'll probably shoot me, but this might make up for it:
EVERYONE, GO TO HER WEBSITE!: www.themodernage.org

god can i marry him? so beautiful.
he made up a song on the spot about how we got our freedom from spain but not from france cos they have cheese and americans love and need cheese...hahahaha

in a few minutes we leave for the beach. for a WEEK. i'm going to die.
and i'm well upset cos longwave is doing a free show at virgin...on the 10th...when i'm at the beach. grrr!

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