June 28th, 2003


i am SOOO bored

i think if i saw this man walking down the streets these days, i'd kidnap him and trap him in my basement forever. :-P

i love him.

Australians all let us rejoice!
True Blue! You're: Australian! Lucky you. You like
meat pies and Bonnie Doon.

Are you Australian?
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you are an indie snob
You are an indie snob! Congratulations, that is, if you consider this an
achievement. It's certainly nothing to be
ashamed of. You really know your stuff and
you're probably a huge suporter of every indie
band in your area. Hopefully you're trying to
spread the love a little to. Go you!

Are You an Indie Snob?
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yes! i <3 being an indie snob!

YOU, my friend, are of the Brit-pop crowd. Not an
indie fag, but definitely not a bad thing
either. Brit-pop is a very rewarding genre,
filled with beautiful keyboards, amazing
electronics, and amazing voices (not to mention
those sexy english accents). You probably don't
get very excited at shows, and you most likely
don't wear anything that makes you stand out.
You wait for a band to impress you at a show,
you don't automatically throw yourself into it.
Good for you.

The Indie Fag Quiz
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UK Flag
You're either a true Brit, or you should move here
right now!! It's good to be a Brit ;)

Where SHOULD you live?? America or England??
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uh huh...

Jolly good old bean! You're a proper traditional
Brit through and through. You hold traditions
and tea dear and know that Yorkshire is up and
London is down a bit and to the right!

How English are you?
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YOU HAVE 100% INDIE CRED. Look around you at the
next bright eyes show, any one of those girls
could be yours!!! Are you conor himself?

Indie Cred Test!!
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yes! 100% indie cred--all my studying has been worthwhile :)
this one's mostly right, except i'm not a boy...

Damon Albarn

Which Britpop icon are you?
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ew. damon! gross...now this quiz isn't very correct, but alright...

you are: radiohead!

what indie band are you?
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this one is WAAAAY off. yuck.
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