June 19th, 2003


pictors galore!

yay for pictors! k first up is my ADORABLE niece, emma. i love her to death. i think she is my favourite person in the whole world (til she grows up and becomes evil...haha. that was evil of me). she is so photogenic and she just hams it up for the camera--at age three.

then next is evil chris (lead singer of coldplay, "nicest man in rock" according to NME). that's him giving me the thumbs up. but it wasn't a NICE thumbs up, which i might have expected say, 2 years ago. it was an evil, ok-i-see-your-stupid-sign-and-don't-care-that-you-are-a-true-fan-who's-been-there-since-the-beginning-and-paid-$8973249827342-to-be-frontrow-at-fucking-msg-and-wants-to-hear-"see you soon"-so-put-your-fucking-sign-away thumbs up. god i hate him. and coldplay. i'm giving up. no more coldplay again. ever. unless they play little venues (ha). and that was supposed to be a good night--my 15th coldplay show. gross. FUCK!!!!!!!

on a much happier note, here is the fabulous longwave pictor i took, and had blown up and signed. first, the original pic (cropped):

yay. steven (lead singer) is the crazy guy with all the hair in the air (he's like 2084732894 feet off the ground). dave is next to him (he drew an arrow pointing to himself, awww). you can't see shannon, nor can you read his horrifying signature. but all four of the band members are somewhere in the pictor. :) :)

here's the pic turned black&white:

and here it is enlarged and autographed:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/4 members of the band signed it---poor mike, he hurt his back, so i think he left right after the taping and he definitely didn't come upstairs with the rest of the band to watch jane's addiction, so i didn't catch him. aww but longwave are so nice. august 2 here i come. i think tomorrow i'll write about all the shows (6) i've been to in the past 10 days. i want my entire life to be like that--6 shows every 10 days, except i want there to be MORE shows. :) :) :) :)

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