June 12th, 2003



coldplay tomorrow.

World Entertainment News Network

Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW and COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN celebrated their engagement at a star-studded party in New York last week - at Paltrow's mother's insistence.

Actress BLYTHE DANNER was so happy when she heard her daughter's intention to marry the British singer she quickly organized a celebratory get together at the family home - inviting stars including MEG RYAN, STEVEN SPIELBERG and his wife KATE CAPSHAW, MIKE MYERS, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and SHERYL CROW.

A source tells Britain's NOW magazine, "Blythe's overjoyed about the engagement. She adores Chris and thinks he's been a godsend for her daughter, so she shot into action to whip up the engagement party.

"It was a small, intimate affair for Gwynnie's closest friends and for Blythe to show off her engaged daughter. After all she's had two false starts to the altar and her mother will be thrilled to see her finally get there."

The family friend adds that the pair will marry in a lavish ceremony in New York this December.

They say, "Gwyneth's going to have a proper white wedding in church and her godfather Stephen Spielberg will give her away. Then there will be a reception and dinner, possibly at the WALDORF HOTEL. Expect a classy, traditional wedding with most of Hollywood turning up to toast the new bride."


i have to make my BRILLIANT sign. it's gonna rawk. i'll take a pictor of me with the sign, in case mr. engaged decides to do what he did with my last sign, wayyyy back on june 2, 2001. (haha yeah right.)

i seriously have to post about longwave and bb. when? when WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN?
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