June 5th, 2003


me scarrrrrrred

holy shit a GIANT ant just landed near me, so i had my dad come down and take care of business. how the fuck am i supposed to live on my own if i won't kill the 29384320942 bugs that i know are going to be there??

haha so on to more complaining...i went to the last call with carson daly show. i waited the required 2309847234832 hours. i see dan akroyd walk by and think, "cool. he's the guest." then i thought i saw chris plum (shakey man in brendan's band, the wellfed boys), so i felt great....then we hear a soundcheck and one of the people that work there says, "that's the band just soundchecking." and it completely didn't sound like bb, so i asked them. they told me bb taped the 5:00 taping. then i dropped to the ground and fainted. I WAS SOOOOO MOTHERFUCKING PISSED OFF. i really couldn't believe it..i missed it! i missed the one little glimpse of bb i'd get on this tour...and they played "tiny spark", not "metarie"!!!!!!!!! i thought they'd play the new version of metarie since it's the new single, and i don't know the new words. but of course, i'm not there, so they play one of my favs...twice (cos bb's string broke). and of course every one's favourite side-stage dancer, ben kweller, was there. ughhhhhh

and then the next day jeff IM's me and tells me field day is off. fuckin hell. so we're no longer going to field day...now we're going to WASHINGTON FUCKING DC to go see brendan at dave grohl's venue, black cat (i'm pretty sure it's dave grohl's). i'm sooooooo excited about seeing bb, cos i haven't seen him headline since........may 16, 2002. jesus that's way toooooo long. but, now i'm not going to see all my friends (who i assume are still going to the new "field day")...a lot of my girls just graduated college and i won't see them often at all! bahhhhhh and of course when we finally buy jim his present, we don't see him! i know he'll be at "field day" cos he loves the beastie boys, but now we'll just have to mail him his present and write him a letter explaining it all. fucker.

tonight is radiohead at beacon theatre. august has been waiting on line since tuesday. pppppssssssssyyyccccchhhhhoooo. i can't wait to hear all about it; he went to the sonic session too, and they are his alltime fav band, i'm so happy he's getting to see them so close and stuff :)

i got some good conciertos coming up, thank god. after bb, i see longwave at last call (which i'm confirming with their manager, so i dont fucking miss them too). tonight i'm going to staples to blow up and make black and white a fucking RAWKING pictor of longwave i took back in feb. yay. and then more concerts after that. but i'm not mentioning them yet, cos i don't want them to get cancelled. oh and i forgot to mention--they're not all ages. hahaahahhahaahahahha
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