June 3rd, 2003


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shizzle i haven't gone to any shows since forever. thank god that's all about to change. (well, hopefully, cos i still don't know about those two ed/sondre shows). oh man my french friend celine (literally, she lives in france) is FLYING out to ny just to go to one sondre/ed show. i love that girl. i wish i could do that.
tonight: last call with carson and brendan benson is the musical guest. it says with the wellfed boys, so that means they're gonna rawk! i don't anticipate anything good happening, cos brendan's an ass who only wants ass and he sure as hell doesn't want mine.
oh well, FIELD DAY is on sunday and even though the music aren't playing, JIM MOTHERFUCKIN SHEARER is gonna be there. but, curses, he'll probably end up dying on saturday. oh my god no knock on wood. :)
i love jim. :)