May 24th, 2003


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nothing like some good hotness to make you feel better. although it's not working. haha fuck hot hot heat, they suck! though nothing could make me feel better right now, except a nose and throat doctor who could cure my horrendous cold. i don't even want to go in to detail, let's just say i've never used so many tissues before. hahahahaahhhhahahahhah ewwwwwwwwwww.

longwave were fabulous on conan last night. yay for them. they are the best. i think steven hurt himself. aww what musicians will put themselves through for the sake of art, muahaha. i think we're almost officially not going to field day, and just gonna go see longwave and be satisfied with that. although the prospect of hanging out with the streets and showing him the NME issue we were in with him is making me seriously weigh my options before i decide. hmmm

and i probably shouldn't even write this, seeing as how i'm cursed. oh well. tomorrow is the one glimpse of sunshine i see piercing through the gloomy clouds. what, ask you?
i'm going to the mall to buy MY pumas. yes folks, ryan informed me that MY PUMAS are available for purchase at the mall. i can't believe it! i don't know which colours are available, but i don't fucking care. i've got six pairs already, why not add to the collection? YESSSSSSSSSSS

although we all know that when i get there, the shoe salesman/woman will inform me, "oh, i'm so sorry. we just sold the LAST PAIR." hahah i know that is what's going to happen. fo sho. i'm a shoe whore, and proud of it. yes.
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