May 23rd, 2003


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this song is not good. lee has the worst taste. oh well, he's a sexy brit, so it's okay. haha

ugh i hate being sick. it really sucks. my throat is on fire. i don't think my throat's ever hurt this much! and my nose is running at the speed of a marathoner! ha. and tomorrow i gotta put my contacts in at 9 am and then have my eyes dilated! can't wait for that! ha

and oh yeah. if anyone doesn't believe i'm cursed, well this has to convince you: in my last entry, i was going on and on about how unlucky i am cos i can't see any of my favourite bands right? but i was happy cos field day fest was coming up and the music was playing right?

well guess who pulled out of the festival?

hmm...could it be.....?

YES. the music pulled out. ha. ha. ha. i hate them. i'm seriously cursed.

longwave's on conan tonight. everyone go watch them.
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