May 21st, 2003



i've decided that tomorrow, i am going to email jim and meghan from camp. i haven't spoken to meghan in god knows how long, and the last time i spoke to jim was late 2000/early 2001. that is a crazy long time ago, especially when these people shared some really great moments of my life with me. yep. that's what i'll do. but now i'm just worrying that the email subject will look like a porno advert and they'll delete it..."hi!? remember me?!" haha not gonna work.

poo. i've given up on brendan benson (cos i just have to), basically given up on longwave (although there's still hope there), almost totally given up on sondre lerche and ed harcourt (and i'm soo jealous that my french friend celine is fucking flying in to nyc from france just to see them), and i'm the mostest upset about spoon, cos they're touring this summer and i wish that i:
a) had my license/didn't have a fear for driving
b) had a car
c) had money
d) had time/energy
e) was 21
f) didn't live at home, so parental units couldn't tell me no
BECAUSE if all these things were happening, i would do the entire spoon summer tour.
oooooooooh well.
when i open my own club, i'll have all these bands/singers play there all the time. yes.

got our field day fest tickets in the mail today. damn they are being careful--the tickets have little hieroglyphic-type things on them (dunno how to explain them). although i read that there is a 25% chance that field day isn't gonna happen, i think it will in the end. i cannot wait to see the fucking music, even though they say america is boring and americans can't dance and they (the band) are horrible human beings. i can't help it, their music is amazing.
and who can forget that i'll be seeing almost every single one of my concert friends!! yes! there is much to catch up on.
not to mention sigur ros in the middle of nowhere, outdoors, hopefully after the sun's gone down or as it's going down. does it get much better than that?
but again, it is a double-edged sword, cos that same goddamn night (of course it couldn't be the night before!!!), longwave are playing maxwell's. OF COURSE. longwave never play all ages gigs. and when they do, i can't go. (naturally).
fizuck. hahahahhaahahaaahahahahahahhahahahahah
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