May 18th, 2003


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"if i tell the truth, would it mean as much to you?
i could never live a lie, how bout you?" - bb. yeah.

going to my niece's 3rd bday party today. i love her to death. she is so cute. we're giving her a bike! awww. i love her.

gob were mother fuckers last night. they were acting like rockstars just cos they were at some big giant arena. MAYBE they thought we were not real fans and were just avril whore fans, but nevertheless, you don't act like that. they probably think that after that they'll hit the big time --how bout NO.
anyway, their tech was the nicest human being in the world. he gave my sister all of gob's setlists from the entire tour after she chatted with him a bit before the show started while he was setting up the equipment. now THAT's being nice. too bad she got all the setlists from her ex-favourite band, who no longer play any of their older, punkier songs and now only play their radio friendly pop songs and treat their real fans like shit but then treat the FAKE fans who waited on the line to meet them like gold. ew.
spoon is the band for me.
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