May 17th, 2003


gobboggobboggobboggobboggobbog :)

i'm seeing gob open for avril lavigne tonight! hahaahahhaha. i want to stay for avril and just, like, oh my god, go CUHRAZY for avril!!! haha. i'm not really excited about going (cos it's fuckin freezing outside, all the avril fans i have to deal with, etc etc), but my sis goes with me to all my shows that she doesn't necessarily want to go to, so i'm going with her tonight, cos gob is (or atleast used to be) one of her favourite bands. hopefully we can hang out with them; they're such nice guys. let's just pray i don't commit suicide before the end of the night....(by hanging myself, according to the quiz) :)
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    doves - there goes the fear