May 16th, 2003



1280. i'm not happy. oh well. i can't change it. 650 maths 530 verbs. FUCK. there's no way i'm taking that shit again. guess i'll just have to deal with that. arg.

OF COURSE. OF COURSE. OF COURSE ed harcourt and sondre lerche decide to tour together, and OF COURSE the original date--june 19--GREAT DATE--changes. now it's bowery on fuckin june 16 (not to mention it's 18+) and fuckin north star on june 17 (not even posted on the venue's site yet). what the fuck am i supposed to do? last time i saw ed he said he'd help me get in if i ever need it, and he totally wasn't drunk that day (woah!), but i doubt he remembers me..maybe if i show him the kylie pin! and fuckin sondre better remember me, cos he's gotta help me in as well! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ew for some reason that reminds me of something that happened in class the other english, my teacher decided to be cool and she put on this song "richard cory" by simon and garfunkel cos it was inspired by a poem of the same we listen to it and after it's over these MORONS in my class go, "how come there were all these great songwriters in the 60s and now there are, like, zero." i wanted to punch them and say, "if you just look a little fucking harder you'll find that there are 23048732847324 great fucking singers and songwriters out there, not just fuckin average joe john mayor and jack johnson!!!!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i want to see bend it like beckham. BADLY. i don't even know where it's playing around here. fuck i wanna see it so bad.

haha i find this humorous:
You would hang yourself. You are lonely, sad,
depressed. You name it. Your crys for help
haven't gotten you anywhere. At a point in
time, you really did want to get help.. But no
one noticed you. Poor thing. Now you hang
yourself from the tree in the back by your
belt. Then all those heartless bastards will be

How would you commit suicide?
brought to you by Quizilla
it's funny cos i definitely wouldn't hang myself. not to mention that i'm not lonely, sad, or depressed. i get pissed off quite often, but i'm never really any of those things. hahaha the pig's cute though :) i think it says "porky and his train" in spanish. hahaha
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