May 14th, 2003



fucking hell. i seriously am not meant to ever see longwave or brendan benson.
when do longwave finally decide to do a fucking all ages show at my favourite venue EVER??????????? on the day of fucking field day fest, that's when! i hate them
and this really pisses me off--i found out that brendan is doing last call with carson. so i'm thinking, fine, even though he'll only play one song i'll get to see him. and i've never ever had trouble getting tickets for that taping.
so today i had my sister call, and the motherfucker on the phone says we can't go cos we've been there in the past six months!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? NEW RULES! I DON'T THINK SO. that is bullshit. i am really pissed.

and a few minutes ago i was invited into this "indie" chatroom. so i go, and all these fucking indie kids are pretentious assholes--either bragging their brains off, being mean, being cynical, or all three. UGH!!!!! why can't i find a nice indie kid (boy or fucking girl at this point) who likes good music and is nice (besides, of course, all my friends that i've already made at shows--they rawk!) :)
ugh i give up haha complaining is too much fun
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