May 10th, 2003


the coral i <3

man i had shitloads of fun tonight. i saw a lot of friends as well. and i met this guy named jeff who IMed me the other day cos he knew my name from a sondre lerche board and we ended up talking for like 2 hours (online) but then at the venue i wasn't really able to talk to him cos i was talking to all my other friends! poo poo i wanted to talk to him too! oh well the show was too good for me to dwell on that aspect...i'll write all about it manana in a "memory."
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    the coral is spinning around and around in me head!!!!!!!!!!


look at this:

last night, the Kings of LEON opened for The Coral, and i HAD to have them sign a shirt for my dad, whose name just happens to be Leon. the band said their dad's name is leon, too (3 of the 4 band members are brothers, the other one is their cousin). they took the shirt on their skanky ass bus--you don't know how many hoes have been on there, seriously! my sister basically did all the dirty work, like asking the band to sign it. good for her haha. and my dad doesn't even really care! psh!