May 9th, 2003



i'm seeing the coral tonight with kings of leon opening at irving! I CAN'T WAIT! it's boogie time. and tomorrow--the faint with sashy! ahh!!

okay you know what? 120 minute officially got cancelled. after 17 years . can you believe it? and the last episode aired may 4--and i only found out on may 6. fuck! i missed it! you think jim shearer could have the courtesy to tell me it would be his last taping! and you also think he'd have the courtesy to tell me SPOON would be on his show! but no! he didn't! haha i'm just kidding...i owe him an arm and two legs as it is! i love that boy!
but now there's like an identical show on called "subterranean" and it's also hosted by jim!! and they also play "alternative" music, but not as alternative and unknown and indie as 120 minutes! waaaah!! oh well, i will have to deal with it!
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