May 8th, 2003


AHHHHHHHHHHH! (i have A LOT to say)

acccck i just found out that not only is brendan benson playing bowery the NIGHT before my sat IIs, and not only is it an 18+ show (so even if i could go, i really couldn't), but THE SHOW IS ALSO BEING COHEADLINED BY THE FUCKING REALISTICS. i am utterly pissed. and my mom keeps [unintentionally] reminding me--like she sent me an email yesterday saying, "ohhh brendan released new tour dates--looks like june 6 at bowery" and then 2 minutes later emailed me again with, "oops sorry. i forgot you had sat IIs." and then AGAIN today she emailed me saying, "be nice to dad cos i'm trying to get him to go down to dc on saturday june 7 (after the sat IIs) so we can see brendan and then go to the zoo or something on sunday." so AGAIN i had to tell her, "no mom, sunday is field day fest, so AGAIN, i can't see brendan." oh well, she tried. it's just not meant for me to see brendan. EVER.
"some people are just born with tragedy in their lives." - gretchen ross, donnie darko! YEAH! haha i'm soo emo.

so one of the first topics i wish to address to myself is why people like george smith are assholes. his fucked up "article" is just really mean--to me, if a band means something to ONE person, than that's fabulous, amazing, and good for that band--"bad" or not--for helping that person! his article sucks. muahaha i'm soo a hypocrite.

i have to go. i will write much more after i return from hell--aka the eye doctor!!
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oh yeah...

haha hi cait(sunshineregrets!

also you know what? that writing contest i tried out for, i didn't win. and only 12 "under 17ers" wrote something. i guess coldplay isn't winner worthy, muahaha! some stupid 13 year old won. i seriously don't believe that she wrote it, it's impossible. i want them to call her up and sit her down in front of them and make her write another essay like that one! pshh!

and i'm also really pissed that my friends, who DESERVE to be in NHS, were not chosen. seriously, how the fuck do alysa, hannah, hannah, lauren, etc have more fucking leadership or whatever than sashy or kendra? totally not fair. lame.
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