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the following are among my favorite finds from my grandpa's box (originally his mother's) of letters and other things. i went through hundreds of letters, a bunch of telegrams, and a few photos and other things.

obviously i don't expect everyone to be interested in this because it's my family, but i think these old relics are pretty cool, regardless of your relationship to me =)

my grandparents sent this to my grandpa's parents (dr. t.n. alpert is his dad) to announce their engagement. they still haven't explained the soap thing to me =)

at the temple my grandparents belong to, where they were the pic: my grandparents; their 5 kids; 1 wife- 1 husband- and 1 partner-by-marriage; and all the grandkids. yes, my grandma is giving me the devil horns.

this is my favorite love letter. this is from my grandpa's dad to his mom. they had been married for 2 years and my grandpa (leonard) had just been born. (btw--i'm pretty sure that "bebele" is a yiddish term of endearment, as is "hezele".) i'm not sure why he was traveling all over at this time, but he was. based on the letters i read, it seems like he wasn't home for a good while.

this one's pretty funny. the middle line that you can't read says "...augmented. I was indifferent as a child." it's good to know men were no different 90 years ago =)

this one is pretty awesome for reasons similar to the one above. you have to love the compassion about his wife's looks.

this one is pretty special, as it came from my grandpa's brother, delby, who made aliyah, (returning to israel) permanently and lived, worked, and raised his family on a kibbutz. mikey was his first and only son with his first wife, ahuva. i met mikey and all his/my family in israel, and they were all amazing people. i know mikey's half brothers because they both lived in nyc (one still does) and i saw them every once in a while.
at this point, israel had only been a state for 3 years, so everything was so new and unknown. the fact that they moved there then is really, really amazing.

this one won't scan well, so it's really hard to read. it's an article published in a paper in 1960 detailing delby's move to israel. the most notable part, i think, of the article, states that adlai stevenson, eleanor roosevelt, and helen keller (among others) had visited the kibbutz and delby guided them.

a postcard from my great grandma to my great grandpa (my grandpa's parents). i like it because it's funny for me to imagine my gramps as a baby, crawling around on the floor, chasing after a box =)

i really like this telegram because i think the little rhyme is really cute and smart. this was sent to my great-grandparents congratulating them on their marriage

LOVE these. my grandpa went to cal tech at age 15. yes, he was and is a genius. his report cards got better, as the photo after this one shows.

this telegram announces the birth of my aunt liz, the oldest of my grandparents' five kids. wish they had one for my mom, but there wasn't one in the box i have.

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