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i'm back from my south america trip and will do a photo post soonish.
here are some pics from my last week of college. sigh. it was awesome. :)
oh btw my hair is straight because my friends made me do it. it is unlikely anyone will see it this way again. because i am lazy.

no words necessary.

this is my roommate emily. she's one of my favorite people on earth. because she does things like this:

i went home for a minute to plant my garden:

senior cruise!

this is what happens when we try to make "fierce" poses:

i thought we were doing "staring off into space photo." seriously. but she ruined it.

my sophomore year roommate, sary beary. she's just as weird as me. and trust me, it's not easy being this weird.

another love of mine, jackie, who filled my place when i went abroad junior year:

the city at night

purposely blurry. it's the brooklyn bridge

unwrapping my present, priscilla, who i CANNOT BELIEVE I DID NOT KNOW UNTIL SENIOR YEAR! sigh.


graduation would not have been the same if i didn't have my fanny pack:

do you have a problem with my fanny pack?

the dean still mispronounced my name even though i said it out loud to him and he wrote it down phonetically. it's not hard to be a dean at fordham.
btw: CUM LAUDE BITCHES. that other latin phrase means "honors program, bitches."


me and sarie

the honors kids. there aren't many of us....


emily, jayleen, and me...together since freshman year (except when i left for junior year....)

my sister sarah, me, and my mom


also typical

normal face #1

normal face #2

me and father grimes, the dean of fordham lincoln center. he's tall.

me and my grandparents. ARE THEY ADORABLE OR WHAT?

double whammy

me, my favorite professor (and thesis advisor) father tueth, and jackie, who also loves father tueth (but maybe not as much as the hickster?)

reason #632 why i love father tueth: he makes faces like this:

gotta get out of these heels!

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