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two things i love

I LOVE SXSW!!!!!!!!!!! i was so worried that this year was gonna be lame, especially in comparison to last year (come on, the fratellis 5 times!!! nothing can beat that) but i keep getting more and more updates of bands i love that are playing! some aren't official, but when a band is playing nyc just before or after sxsw it's safe to assume they're playing sxsw. just today i got an update that the vines and ed harcourt are playing nyc just after sxsw, which most likely means they're playing sxsw!! and both are groups i LOVEDDDDDD and would love to see again but wouldn't necessarily want to pay to see again. SXSW = problem solved. and i'm fairly certain that this will be my last year attending the festival, so i'm happy because i think i'll go out with a bang!

I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! i'm actually learning real media/PR stuff/programs and the people there are nice and it's a very fun environment. and yesterday i emailed david fricke on his PERSONAL account to pitch coverage of one of our artists to him. AWESOME! (i also emailed my old boss at the big takeover, which was comical.) (btw, if you don't know who david fricke is, you need to shape up.)

semi related: in my PR class we had to write a bio and it was worth 50 points and i got 49/50 and that in itself made me feel good because i know i'm going to be doing writing if i do go into the PR field and i'm pretty confident that i can write some good stuff (bullshit or not.) but i also felt better when some of the kids in the class were asking how she graded or what she based her grading on because they didn't do as well as they might have imagined and she responded by saying something along the lines of "i might've written a lot on your assignment but i want to take the time to point out what you need to fix so you can improve" which essentially means that she thought my writing was pretty good as is because there was nothing written on mine aside from a few "good!"s and a "great" at the end. the only thing she did fix on mine was take out the exclamation points i used. i'm so used to using them in PR (it seems like EVERY sentence ends with an exclamation point) that i have a hard time leaving them out when necessary. this gives me confidence that i don't have and that is greatly needed. huzzah!!!

this is a very positive post and it might nauseate some of you but i'd rather write/read happy things instead of sad/complaining/whiny things!
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