children must have rock n roll (im_not_indie) wrote,
children must have rock n roll

march 17 - mercury lounge - cut copy
who the fuck wants a ticket?????

fyi that's the same night as the wombats at the annex but CUT COPY > (that's greater than for all you math rejects) the wombats

okay so tix go on sale this thursday at noon and sarah (my lovely sis) is gonna go to merc to buy them in person. tickets are $13. let me know in a comment so we know how many to buy!!!!!
patty, nancy, ALL my asians, and anyone else i love but am forgetting---we all have to go and make this a dance PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!! as my beloved dave p says, this night is going to be a rager and you all need to be there to make it fun!!!!!!!!

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