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children must have rock n roll's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
children must have rock n roll

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fuck yes [15 Dec 2008|06:41pm]
i just found out that my favorite discovery/band of 2008, fanfarlo, are playing sxsw 2009. i now have a reason for going (besides seeing josh zarbo again).

which of you losers is going to finally take the plunge and come with me and sarah??????????????????? they will be the greatest 5 days of your life. promise!!!! yesss 3 months away wooohoooooooooo
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for the record [06 Dec 2008|02:58pm]
i would just like to state that Empire of the Sun (www.myspace.com/empireofthesunsound) are going to be huge before 2010. (especially if they come over and play sxsw.)

empire of the sun = mgmt + cut copy, which kind of makes sense, since mgmt are really big right now so people are nicking their sound and empire of the sun are from australia, just like cut copy (and the presets), where it seems the only popular music coming from there is dancey in nature.

just wanted to state this for the record.
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halloweenie [31 Oct 2008|06:26pm]
i <3 halloween.
here is my first poor little pumpkin. i feel his pain. sadly, this happened to me one halloween:

(yes, that is family feud on in the background, HAHAHAHA)

mine's on the left (skeleton coming out of a gravestone) and my mom's is on the right (kitty with a pumpkin in it):


and it just so happened that i was googling chows today (the dog) and came across this:

a chow painted as a panda!! OH MY GOD I WANT A CHOW JUST SO I CAN DO THIS (and because they're really cute). the end!
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[16 Sep 2008|06:59pm]
the following are among my favorite finds from my grandpa's box (originally his mother's) of letters and other things. i went through hundreds of letters, a bunch of telegrams, and a few photos and other things.

obviously i don't expect everyone to be interested in this because it's my family, but i think these old relics are pretty cool, regardless of your relationship to me =)

my grandparents sent this to my grandpa's parents (dr. t.n. alpert is his dad) to announce their engagement. they still haven't explained the soap thing to me =)

moreCollapse )
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dude [12 Sep 2008|03:16pm]
yesterday was the best day of my life. first of all, at the eye doctor i found out that my eyesight didn't change. this is the first time in 14 years (aka since i started wearing glasses) that my eyes haven't changed. THIS IS AMAZING. i'm already blind and was afraid my eyes might never stop getting worse. if my eyes haven't changed when i get back from london, i'm considering lasik! WOO HOOOOOOOOO! this probably sounds lame to most people, but you have to imagine what it's like for me--i literally cannot see what i'm doing in the shower. can you imagine that? sometimes i drop the the little encasing on my razor (the little clear thing) and i have to feel around for it! and contacts irritate my eyes so much that i rarely wear them and when i do it can't be for more than a few hours.

ANYWAY also i finally, after FOUR YEARS OF PATIENTLY WAITING, got to see THE RIFLES IN NEW YORK WITH MY SISTER. i saw them twice in london and they were fuckin amazing but without my sister it's just not the same. of course they were brilliant. of course what made the show even better was that LIAM (gallagher) was stood TEN FEET FROM ME enthusiastically cheering them on. LIAM AND I HAVE AMAZING TASTE OBVIOUSLY. andy and gem were there too (no noel, poor guy). paul weller was the headliner and he was pretty good too - i mean, he IS paul weller. i really wanted to stay through the end to stalk oasis but i've acquired a mean cold and basically felt like death so had to leave about 10 songs in, sad :(

oh also saw the stereophonics who KILLED ITTTT. kelly jones' voice is unreal. i really hope i can see them in london at the O2 arena. and tonight is the kooks/wombats and next week is swell season (which i'm working-it's in central park so come say hi and sit on the grass and listen to the show!) and THE RIFLES and cut copy/presets OH dear lord what did i do to deserve this month of goodness?!!

now if only my body/immune system would work as wonderfully as the rest of my life. this has been my life the past month and a half:
3 weeks of acute-bordering-on-severe stomach pains --> doctor figures it out; i have an inflamed intestine (NICE!), solves problem with pills --> blood tests taken to determine what was wrong with me show that i have anemia; am forced to go on iron pills, which, guess what, UPSET MY STOMACH HAHAHAHHHA CRAZY --> take the iron pills for two weeks, which make me dry heave if i don't eat something when taking them, even though they're only effective if taken on an empty stomach and you don't eat anything an hour after taking them, OH JOY ISN'T THIS FUN!? --> am forced to stop taking the iron pills because i get ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth taken out and i can't eat ANYTHING because my mouth is super sore because i had a really tough surgery (that's what the doc said--i was flying high on drugz) --> periods of intense pain due to mouth retardation --> mouth is almost fully healed and i wake up with a COLD --> can't breathe through my nose so am forced to breathe through my mouth which DRIES OUT the four holes i have in my mouth --> edit: come home from kooks show and throw up due to bad gag reflexes and my body finally telling me, "STOP taking 15 pills a day and only eating soup!!!" --> awesome.
the cold arrived yesterday, so that's what i'm currently dealing with. my stitches came out of my mouth today so i'm almost fully healed, but i'm stuck eating soup and pudding all day. two weeks straight of that is going to drive me insane!
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south america [08 Jun 2008|09:17am]
south america time. s. america is another world. it's an amazing place and every country is so different from the next and soo different from the US. we went to four countries - peru, bolivia, argentina, and brasil (yes, i'm spelling it that way.) i even ran out of stamp space in my passport!! it's currently with the US government getting new pages put in!!

i'm being wayyyyyyy lazy and not posting any photos from a ton of places we visited because if i did it would take forever. but if anyone is ever considering going to any of these places and wants some info, i will gladly tell you about all the places i visited and upload some pics for you then! there is sooo much to see in each country--i could've spent the two weeks in peru alone and still i wouldn't have seen all the things i wanted to see.

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[05 Jun 2008|10:18pm]
i'm back from my south america trip and will do a photo post soonish.
here are some pics from my last week of college. sigh. it was awesome. :)
oh btw my hair is straight because my friends made me do it. it is unlikely anyone will see it this way again. because i am lazy.

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[20 May 2008|09:56am]





¡Hola! i´m in Peru!!! those are some funny letters on the keyboard. just finished [a delicious] breakfast. i already love this country. more later!
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[27 Feb 2008|09:34pm]
nothing could be better than seeing foals at the greatest venue of all time, maxwell's, on may 7.

nothing, that is, other than ALL OF YOU BEING THERE WITH ME AND SARAH.

i don't want to hear any of this "i've got finals/i will be hundreds of miles away from hoboken, new jersey" crap. PLEASE GO. and buy your ticket now on ticketweb. it's only $12 plus some lame-o fees.

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go!! COME ON!! DO IT YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

in other news, this is the cutest thing i've ever seen, y/n?
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i love living near central park [24 Feb 2008|01:53am]
yesterday (fri, feb 22) new york got a nice amount of snow so two of my roommates and i went to central park to play!

needless to say, it was awesome.

snow day!!!!!!Collapse )
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[07 Feb 2008|07:13pm]
okay everyone! the sxsw band list has been announced. i would be so happy if you took a look at all the artists and tell me who i should see!! you all know way more about music than i do, so i'm allllllllllll ears! thanks!

whoooooooo do i see?Collapse )
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two things i love [30 Jan 2008|12:11am]
I LOVE SXSW!!!!!!!!!!! i was so worried that this year was gonna be lame, especially in comparison to last year (come on, the fratellis 5 times!!! nothing can beat that) but i keep getting more and more updates of bands i love that are playing! some aren't official, but when a band is playing nyc just before or after sxsw it's safe to assume they're playing sxsw. just today i got an update that the vines and ed harcourt are playing nyc just after sxsw, which most likely means they're playing sxsw!! and both are groups i LOVEDDDDDD and would love to see again but wouldn't necessarily want to pay to see again. SXSW = problem solved. and i'm fairly certain that this will be my last year attending the festival, so i'm happy because i think i'll go out with a bang!

I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! i'm actually learning real media/PR stuff/programs and the people there are nice and it's a very fun environment. and yesterday i emailed david fricke on his PERSONAL account to pitch coverage of one of our artists to him. AWESOME! (i also emailed my old boss at the big takeover, which was comical.) (btw, if you don't know who david fricke is, you need to shape up.)

semi related: in my PR class we had to write a bio and it was worth 50 points and i got 49/50 and that in itself made me feel good because i know i'm going to be doing writing if i do go into the PR field and i'm pretty confident that i can write some good stuff (bullshit or not.) but i also felt better when some of the kids in the class were asking how she graded or what she based her grading on because they didn't do as well as they might have imagined and she responded by saying something along the lines of "i might've written a lot on your assignment but i want to take the time to point out what you need to fix so you can improve" which essentially means that she thought my writing was pretty good as is because there was nothing written on mine aside from a few "good!"s and a "great" at the end. the only thing she did fix on mine was take out the exclamation points i used. i'm so used to using them in PR (it seems like EVERY sentence ends with an exclamation point) that i have a hard time leaving them out when necessary. this gives me confidence that i don't have and that is greatly needed. huzzah!!!

this is a very positive post and it might nauseate some of you but i'd rather write/read happy things instead of sad/complaining/whiny things!
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[27 Jan 2008|05:27pm]
okay i'm way too lazy/busy/not in the mood to do a big picture post of my "eurotrip" so there are only a few behind the cut, but they basically describe my time spent in each place. (i added more for belgium)

the trip was a lot lot lot of fun. i told myself to be aware of how much or how little fun i had back in london to see if i really wanted to go back after graduating in may and, well, i'm sure you guessed it: i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go back. luckily for me, it looks like i'll be able to!! yipppeee!!!

belgium is awesome. it's really tiny but there's a lot to see. everyone is nice and speaks english and the best thing about them is they LOVE TO EAT. chocolate, french fries, waffles, and ice cream are their favorites, and OH MY GOSH guess what? they're my favorites too hahaa. i would recommend belgium to anyone, but DO NOT go in the winter--the weather is terrible. it's very cold, very windy, and very rainy!!! not to mention the fact that it gets dark early in winter there (as it does in most places), so there's even less daylight for touristy adventures. i would strongly recommend visiting in the spring/summer...i bet it's just stunning then!

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[22 Jan 2008|09:10pm]
march 17 - mercury lounge - cut copy
who the fuck wants a ticket?????

fyi that's the same night as the wombats at the annex but CUT COPY > (that's greater than for all you math rejects) the wombats

okay so tix go on sale this thursday at noon and sarah (my lovely sis) is gonna go to merc to buy them in person. tickets are $13. let me know in a comment so we know how many to buy!!!!!
patty, nancy, ALL my asians, and anyone else i love but am forgetting---we all have to go and make this a dance PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!! as my beloved dave p says, this night is going to be a rager and you all need to be there to make it fun!!!!!!!!

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[25 Dec 2007|02:58pm]
just found out sons and daughters are playing sxsw! merry christmas to ME!!!!!!!

glasgow's been awesome. london's gonna rule. and belgium is gonna be outta control. 2007 ruled.
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dec 22 [15 Dec 2007|12:56am]
"is gonna own. Here's the tentative schedule:

4:30(ish) you arrive.. we HUG, you squeeze my cheeks, giggling commences, etc.
5:00 you nap (you need your rest for the night's events)... i may get groceries at this time
9:00(ish) we see CORRECTO*** for free (I emailed domino PR guy) at the flying duck
11:00 (ish) we go to the ABC where craig told me to meet him, and I'm sure Drewboy and William will be there... .the ABC's walking distance from the flying duck.
3:00am crash

how does this sound!??!?

you up ferrit?"


i'm pretty worried that we're going to end up with nowhere to stay in london.............. (that's all been sorted, thank god) but let's not think about that. let's think about the glorious fact that i never have to take a french class again. however, i sure hope the FIVE semesters i was forced to take come in handy in belgium....

*** i'm sure that all my franz friends on here know that correcto is paul's other band becuase you are all crazy fan girls. i, however, did not know this until about 4 days ago and i listened to them and they're pretty awesome. if, for some INSANE reason you haven't heard them yet, i suggest you go and listen on myspace right now. i'll let you know how they are live :o)
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watch this [11 Dec 2007|03:15pm]

i first heard this song last year in london and thought it was pretty awesome--different to say the least--but had no idea who sang it. now i do. dan le sac vs. scroobius pip (weirdest name ever? mabes) the video is pretty awesometacular. watch it. k.

patty, nancy--bloc party. just a band.
everyone in the universe--radiohead. just a band. hAHAHHAHAAHHAHA i love it
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[09 Dec 2007|06:29pm]
i know sp wants to see some holiday pics, so here they are:

christmas threw up in my apartmentCollapse )

i can't wait to see sp and a bunch of other friends and just be in glasgow and london AND travel throughout belgium but DAMN these finals and the work involved are KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEE. i can't wait to be done with school for GOOD.

oh, and i'm also very excited to start a new internship next semester (at fanatic promotion) because i think it will be VERY good for me, but i don't want to jinx it so i won't say any more :o)

oh, and because i have to make a list for the website i run (cough cough www.ny2lon.com cough cough), i thought i'd put it here too:
best albums (in no order) of 2007:
1. tiny dancers - free school milk
2. spoon - ga agagagagaggagag
3. jamie t - panic prevention
4. the cribs - mens needs, womens needs, whateverrrrrrrr
5. the rakes - 10 new messages
6. the wombats - girls,boys and marsupials (not officially the album they released this year but the album i got into and loved for a good bit of time)
7. sunshine underground - raise the alarm (this came out the year before but i discovered it this year)
8. the fratellis - costello music (hahah i'm cheating here because i fell in love with it in 2006 but it officially came out in the US in 2007)
9. the coral - roots & echoes
10. shared between:
the enemy - we'll live and die in these towns
the maccabees - colour it in
pigeon detectives - wait for me
the holloways - so this is great britain (obviously i like to cheat...a lot)

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fuck yeahhhhhhhh [29 Nov 2007|01:52pm]

Mar 13-14, Austin, TX (SXSW Conference and Festival)
Mar 15, New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks)
Mar 17, Athens, GA (40 Watt Club)
Mar 19, Washington, DC (Black Cat)
Mar 20, Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg Music Hall)
Mar 21, Boston, MA (Paradise)
Mar 22, Philadelphia, PA (North Star

fuck yes sxswwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they closed sxsw 2006 for me and it was fucking funny/creepy/insane/nuts/awesome.

okay bbs. i havent been to the NEW north six but this will be worth it. and north star bar in philly is so fucking small and sweaty...it could be awesome and worth the drive (which isn't even that bad...like 1.5 hours)....we'll see

HOORAY i'm so stoked!!!!!!!

btw -- ZOMG at what's happened on DEXTER. i've seen up to and including episode 9. i think that's all that's aired. LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT IN THE COMMENTS, SHALL WE?????????????
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lazy [28 Nov 2007|04:11pm]
yo peeps.........i'm mainly talkin to my azns here, but to all those i go to concerts with:

just found out the sounds are playing webster hall on dec 20. who wants to go???????? i know a lot of peeps have exams. i'll be done by then and i'm leaving for the UK on dec 21 so i wanna gig it up with you before christmas vaca!!!! let me know if you're going cos i don't wanna go by myself!!!!!!!!

btw--the cribs will be back at some point in the new year (jan, feb, marchish) and YOU ARE ALL GOING IT WILL BE A FUCKING RAGER AND I NEED YOU ALL THERE KTHNXBAI.
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